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About our Clients

We start our client relationships with a consultation with a synthesist to identify key intellectual assets and determine their suitability for reapplication. Some of the traits that indicate a company can benefit from our services are:

  • ownership of patents or other significant intellectual property
  • manufacture or marketing of products not available from any other source
  • maintenance of a research and development division or department
  • involvement in leading edge research

Once a client's primary assets are identified and qualified, we begin our research, examining potential markets for existing products as well as evaluating new applications for the core intellectual assets.

A company whose expertise is fingerprint verification systems, for example, could use their core competency - reading fingerprints - to design a fire alarm activator that discourages false alarms by requiring a fingerprint impression.

This research is compiled into a comprehensive report describing the new applications, their market potential, and what is required to bring them to market. For new products, complete functionality and user interface specifications are provided to allow you to begin manufacturing, marketing, and reaping the reward as quickly as possible.

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Client Profile: SpringWallet.Com

TechSynthesis was given the task of developing the specifications of the SpringWallet, taking into account ease of manufacturing, quality and style of the finished product, and, most importantly, the key needs of the target marketplace -- users of the Handspring Visor line of PalmOS-based handheld computers.

Based on our research, we incorporated the features most desirable to Visor owners: ample storage for Springboard expansion modules as well as extra batteries and styli or writing implements. All of this was packed into a stylish product that received rave reviews from the Visor press and users.

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