TechSynthesis: A new kind of company Creating new sources of Revenue

About TechSynthesis

TechSynthesis is the leading purveyor of technology application consulting services. We help companies find new revenue streams by uncovering new applications for their technologies, as well assisting firms in applying new technologies to their business to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Founded in the Summer of 2000, TechSynthesis is a new type of company as well as being a new company. While you may not be familiar with the work of a Synthesist, it is not a new concept. In 1960, Science Fiction author John Brunner wrote a short story entitled The Fourth Power, wherein he succintly summed up the job of a synthesist:

"Smith had put the original two and two together and catalysed this chain of events. That was his job -- he was a synthesist."

TechSynthesis is dedicated to putting two and two together to generate new profits for your business. That's our job.

Press Releases

Coming Soon!

Our online press information section is currently under development. In the meantime, please call us at (415) 469-7924 or e-mail us to be added to our media distribution list, to receive copies of past releases, or to obtain a copy of our complete press kit.

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